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Hallelujah! Import your Blogger blog into WordPress.com

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I’ll keep this short, because I have an episode of Rome to watch, a Sonos system to setup and other posts to write (plus I got to play with a router and a table saw today, so I’m a little over-stimulated).

Anyway, the first stage of my plan for world-domination is complete — I just imported my oldest blog into this one. There’s a lot more out there on the internets I need to get up in here, but the Great Library of Jacksonia is that much more complete thanks to Matt’s new Blogger import feature. It’s still got some kinks, but then what isn’t just a little kinky these days?

Go to your wordpress.com dashboard, select ‘import’ and follow the instructions. Won’t work if you don’t have admin/template editing access.

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Finally, Some Public Disclosure

Posted in Scoops by Jackson West on October 15, 2005

Just for you, I’ve already downloaded and unzipped Google’s proposal for citywide WiFi, so you can just download the word doc.

The intro:

Google would like to provide free Wi-Fi access to all of the residents of, and visitors to, the City and County of San Francisco (“City?). Our mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,? and we believe that our Wi-Fi proposal for San Francisco is an ideal example of, and fulfillment of, that mission. Wi-Fi technology allows for the faster and more efficient construction and maintenance of broadband access networks than previously thought possible. Combining Wi-Fi with Google technology gives us the ability to offer a citywide online access network that will be free to anyone, anywhere, anytime – clearly the emerging and necessary ideal as humanity continues to cross this great digital divide.

Google plans to build and operate a Wi-Fi mesh network covering the City and County of San Francisco. To ensure availability by the largest number of client devices, the network will use open radio standards, including 802.11b and 802.11g as well as 802.11n (when ratified). The network will be designed to offer more than 1Mbps of symmetric service throughout the entire city.

For no charge to users whatsoever, any San Franciscan, or visitor to the city, will be able to connect to the Google Wi-Fi network at data rates of up to 300 Kbps. The free service will support 300 Kbps data speeds at the street level, and the front room of a home, business, and the first few floors of a multistory dwelling. To facilitate better indoor reception, users may be encouraged to purchase a CPE (customer premises equipment) to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

In furtherance of the goal of enabling other providers to offer services on the Google Wi-Fi network, wholesale access will be provided at rates vastly discounted from the retail prices at which fixed line and 3G service providers are offering services today. Any willing partners will be able to resell access to a network at substantially higher data rates than the free solution, potentially reaching 2-3Mbps of throughput. Google may also sell such high speed access to consumers, as well as other potential premium services.

For public safety and city services, the Google Wi-Fi network will have a separate VLAN available. This VLAN will ensure the segregation of City traffic and thereby enhance its likelihood of delivery and mitigate congestion. The City will be eligible to utilize this VLAN at speeds up to 300kbps free of charge and will be entitled to obtain higher throughput accounts from Google at wholesale rates.

The City will make available to Google the rights to mount radios (access points) and point-to-multipoint gateways on approximately 1900 lamp posts and at building locations determined by our clutter analysis. Such deployments will vary in density across the city to ensure availability and strength of the signal.

All told, Google is excited by the opportunity to offer free Wi-Fi across the 49 square miles of the City and County of San Francisco. We appreciate and value the opportunity to partner with the City and people of San Francisco to set a global example for the ease, importance and effectiveness of universal online accessibility.

Thanks to Kimo C for alerting me to all the proposals on SFGov.org

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Can People Please Stop Naming Their Dogs Jackson?

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Damnit. It was one thing when Shane named his dog Jackson (found her on Jackson Street, long before he knew me). Going to parties was always a riot — I never knew if people were telling me or the dog to sit, shutup or stop eating the poo. But now…

Dick and Lynn Cheney?

Sure glad I never went to one of their parties.

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